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Lars Ulrich Reveals Metallica's Biggest Fear


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently sat down with the photographer duo Herring & Herring for a short interview in which he addressed the band's inspirations and chemistry.

"What we've worked out over the years is that we tend to gravitate toward who is the most passionate," Ulrich said about the process used to settle disputes about decisions regarding the music. "...if somebody pulls in this direction and somebody pulls in that direction, who is the most passionate about the direction that they're pulling;'I really f***ing see this. I feel it. I know where this should go.' 'Fine. Then you run with it.'"

Ulrich also revealed the band's fear of repeating themselves, saying, "When we come to New York, we always play a different place. So we have this fear of repetition and this fear of falling into the same cycles, and we're very conscious of that. And so we always try to break it up as much as possible and always embrace different creative challenges as much as we can."

The band is scheduled to play next at the BOK Center, Oklahoma on Friday, January 18.

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