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Brett Eldredge Trades Smart Phone For A Flip Phone


Brett Eldredge was feeling so nostalgic of his 2002 flip model cell phone that he has traded in his iPhone for it.

The country music singer announced his decision on Instagram along with a photo of his guitar, a notebook and his old phone.

"To start 2019, I am going to go back in time to 2002," Eldredge said. "That was the year I got my first color flip phone with a lil megapixel camera on it…I felt like a bad ass…I would carry it everywhere I went but never look at it to check the never ending 'Breaking News' or constantly compare my life to someone else's…I wouldn't sit at the dinner table and be halfway paying attention to my buddies convo's because I was watching someone's story about how good, or bad they were at 'Flossing' or how quick someone could chug a bottle of vodka and do a triple backflip into a pool," he added.

The "Love Someone" singer also launched a "Flip Phone Challenge" in the New Year.

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