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WWF Australia Launches Blockchain-powered Tool To Track Food Supply Chain


Australia's World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched a blockchain-powered tool called OpenSC to track food supply chain. The tool has been jointly developed by WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures, a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) business unit, which is a corporate investment and incubation firm.

OpenSC uses blockchain to track individual products from origin to consumer. It will help businesses and consumers to avoid illegal, environmentally damaging or unethical products, while improving supply chain accountability and transparency.

OpenSC tracks a product from its point of origin, such as the moment a fish is caught at sea. Data is added on to it as it moves along the supply chain, which the end consumers can verify.

By simply scanning a product QR code with their smartphone camera, OpenSC will show where the fish in front of the consumer was caught, how it journeyed along the supply chain, and that it comes from a certified sustainable fishery and was not caught inside an established marine protected area.

The blockchain is a digital ledger that cannot be tampered with. It records the movement of a product along the supply chain and can store a range of digital, tamper-proof record of information, such as when, where and how the product was produced, plus any social and environmental certifications or other data. The data is accessible to everyone on the supply chain.

Growing numbers of consumers prefer to buy products that are sustainable and ethical. Increasingly, consumer purchasing decisions reflect their social and environmental concerns, as well as price and quality.

Blockchain projects are already addressing issues such as the sustainability of tuna stocks by tracking fish from origin to the high-street store, or exploring ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boosting solar power projects via distributed trading.

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