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Trump Launches 2020 Campaign Vowing To "Keep America Great"

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President Donald Trump has officially launched his campaign for 2020 presidential election with a massive spirited rally in Orlando, Florida, a key battleground state that he narrowly won in 2016.

Around 20000 adoring supporters rallied in what some media have described as Trump's greatest show yet. Trump called on them to "keep this team in place" for four more years.

He also made a slight change in the 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" to "Keep America Great" for 2020, evoking cheers from the crowd.

During his 80-minute speech, he highlighted the Trump administration's achievements, and promised to not let the Americans down.

"Don't ever forget - this election is about you. It is about your family, your future, and the fate of your country. We begin our campaign with the best record, the best results, the best agenda, and the only positive vision for our country's future."

Buoyed by a strong economy and confidence in a loyal right-wing base, the septuagenarian businessman-turned-politician claimed that the US economy under his rule has become "the envy of the world".

Trump pledged to continue a crackdown against illegal immigration.

He attacked the Democratic Party over their stand on border security by saying that the Democrat Agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible. "It is the great betrayal of the American Middle Class and our Country as a whole."

He noted that not one Democrat Candidate for president has stood up to defend the incredible men and women of ICE and Border Patrol.

While dismal early poll numbers show that he faces a difficult reelection, Trump is far ahead in campaign as nobody has emerged as a potential rival from the Opposition Democratic camp, that is filled with more than a dozen presidential aspirants.

Trump was accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the stage.

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