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Blockchain To Track Honey Supply Chain

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The World Bee Project (WBP) is expanding its partnership with Oracle to use blockchain technology to track the honey supply chain. Oracle will help WBP to develop a "BeeMark" label that will guarantee the honey products are from ecological and organic sources, according to a report by Ledger Insights.

A platform based on the Oracle Blockchain will help the stakeholders in the honey supply chain to upload information to a distributed ledger technology (DLT), which will be immutable. The honey will be traceable from hive to store.

The data on the platform will also enable WBP to study beehives across the world to monitor their behavior and health. This in turn will help WBP in their larger project to investigate the causes behind bee population decline and propose solutions.

U.K.-based WBP is already working with Oracle Blockchain to verify real pure honey against fake honey. At the recent Oracle OpenWorld Dubai show, Oracle showed how natural Honey can be verified by blockchain.

Honey is one of the most frequently impure or mislabeled foods. Honey mixed with impure ingredients such as sugar, salt, corn syrup and even toxins have been found at grocery suppliers and retailers.

According to research by Food Safety News, as much as 76% of the Honey sold in grocery stores is fake.

This makes it important to make the provenance and the origin of honey transparent to consumers. Blockchain is expected to guarantee the security and authenticity of the raw honey.

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