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Find Out How Cannabis Consumers Choose Transportation

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Cannabis technology platform Eaze has released a report that looks at the transportation choice of cannabis consumers before and after consumption.

Eaze released details of the first study of its kind in California, titled, "Perceptions on Impairment: Cannabis Consumers in Focus."

The research, done by Eaze in partnership with ride-hailing service Lyft, provides details of user behavior of Californians aged above 18 years who had consumed cannabis within 30 days prior to the survey.

It was found that more consumer education about cannabis impairment is required. It also reveals opportunities to reduce impaired driving through transportation alternatives and targeted messaging.

Rideshare and faster delivery of cannabis can significantly dissuade consumers from driving after consuming cannabis.

77 percent of consumers said they would avoid driving impaired if low-or-no-cost rideshares are available, while 68 percent said they would not drive if cannabis delivery were available.

A majority, or 81 percent of Californians, know driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal. However, 62 percent are unaware of the penalties, and 46 percent do not know if a legal limit for cannabis exists.

Cannabis consumers are also not sure about how long they need to wait and how much cannabis is "safe" to consume, before they drive.

According to the report, women and drivers aged 35 and older do not want to take risk. 23 percent of them said they never drive within eight hours of consuming cannabis. However, men and younger drivers are more likely to drive within eight hours.

77 percent of adults who drive after cannabis consumption believe it does not impact their driving ability, while 16 percent believe cannabis improves their driving.

Consumers are less likely to drive if a child is in the car, and trust friends and families to judge impairment.

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