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US Improving Transparency Of Govt. Agencies

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Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed two Executive Orders aiming to improve the transparency and fairness of U.S. government agencies and to ensure that they are held accountable.

The "Improved Agency Guidance Documents" Executive Order requires government agencies to publish their guidance documents on their websites to enable easy access to the public.

"To ensure Americans have their voices heard, the Order will also require government agencies to seek public input on the most important guidance they issue," the White House said.

Americans will be able to ask agencies to withdraw guidance they believe is wrong, it added.

The "Transparency and Fairness" Executive Order instructs agencies not to enforce rules before they are made public. The order also stipulates agencies to offer opinion letters about the law to the public and business organizations on request.

The White House said The Trump Administration is taking action to end the administrative abuse that hurts American families and small businesses.

It cited a case in 2014, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatened a family with up to $20 million in fines for building an environmentally-friendly pond for livestock without first seeking the agency's permission, even though Congress had exempted these ponds from EPA's reach.

In another incident, a 77-year-old Navy veteran was imprisoned and ordered to pay $130,000 after the EPA declared several small ponds he created to fight wildfires as federally protected navigable waters.

The White House made it clear that in future, all government agencies will have to give people fair notice of any complaint against them and a chance to respond.

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