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California Governor Signs 18 Bills To Tackle Housing Affordability Crisis

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California Governor signed 18 bills with a view to helping communities to get funding for affordable housing, easing development restrictions, and helping renters facing increasing costs.

On Tuesday, Gavin Newsom began his statewide tour to sign a series of bills that build on his Administration's efforts to tackle the housing affordability crisis. They include the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, a major legislation aimed at removing local barriers to housing construction and speeding up new development.

It will accelerate housing production in California by streamlining permission and approval processes, ensuring no net loss in zoning capacity and limiting fees after projects are approved.

SB 113 will enable the transfer of $331 million in state funds to the National Mortgage Special Deposit Fund.

Also, a trust will be formed to manage these funds which will be a source of financing for borrower relief and legal aid to vulnerable homeowners and renters.

AB 1485 will build on existing environmental streamlining law and encourage moderate-income housing production.

Another law requires cities and counties to report to the state an inventory of its surplus lands in urbanized areas. The state government will include this information in a digitized inventory of state surplus land sites.

Another law envisages the creation of the San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust to finance affordable housing projects for homeless and low-income populations and address the homelessness crisis in the region.

AB 1483 requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to develop and update a 10-year housing data strategy.

Another law allows governing bodies of a Native American reservation or Rancheria to participate in affordable housing programs.

In Oakland, the Governor signed the nation's strongest statewide renter protection package and a number of other bills to address the rising costs of rent and housing.

He also signed a number of bills to eliminate barriers to building accessory dwelling units.

AB 1482 creates a statewide rent cap and eviction protections that are critical to combating California's housing and cost-of-living crisis.

California, the most populous state in the United States, is experiencing a housing crisis with shortage in the number of homes and apartments that are necessary to accommodate its 39.6 million people.

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