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Collins Dictionary 2019 Word Of The Year Is...

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"Climate strike," a form of protest led by Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg that turned into a worldwide movement to fight climate change, has been chosen as Collins Dictionary's Word of the Year 2019.

"Climate strike,", which will be entered in the next edition of the Collins dictionary, is defined as "a form of protest in which people absent themselves from education or work in order to join demonstrations demanding action to counter climate change."

The phrase was first used in November 2015 when the first event of its kind took place during the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

In the same year, students boycotted class rooms to protest over global warming. The movement, known as Climate strike, hit headlines over the last year after millions of people joined climate change protests in cities across the world, with Greta Thunberg becoming its icon.

The word has seen a four-fold increase since 2013, with news stories and images such as those seen in the BBC's Blue Planet II steeply raising public awareness on the issue.

Collins said its lexicographers observed a hundred-fold increase in its usage in 2019.

Thunberg, who sparked a global youth climate action movement through her "Fridays for Future" school strikes in 2018, became a superstar this year spreading her call for climate action around the world - through appearances at international gatherings and by popularizing the tactic of striking to draw attention to the cause.

In a highly emotional speech that shook the conscience of the world at the UN's Climate Action Summit in September, Thunberg criticized world leaders, telling them that they are failing in their fight against climate change.

The 2019 word of the year was selected from among a set of shortlisted words such as influencer, rewilding, deepfake, doubledown, entryist, hopepunk, cancel, bopo, and nonbinary.

Collins word of the year in recent years were Single-use, Fake news, Brexit, Binge-watch, Photobomb and Geek.

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