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Which Blood Type Is More Susceptible To COVID-19?

coronavirus feb18 18mar20

Is there a relationship between blood type and susceptibility to COVID-19?

The risk of contracting COVID-19 is significantly higher for people with blood type A while the risk is lower for individuals with blood type O, according to a study conducted by Chinese researchers.

The study involved 2,173 patients with confirmed infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, from three hospitals in Wuhan and Shenzhen, China and 3,694 healthy individuals of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

A Meta-analysis of the pooled data showed that among the COVID-19 patients, the proportion of blood group A was significantly higher while the proportion of blood group O was significantly lower. This finding has made the researchers infer that blood type A is more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The study, which is preliminary, appears in Medrxiv.org, a server for health science preprints.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection worldwide is 199,409 and the number of fatalities is 7,999, as of this writing. Of this, China accounts for 80,894 confirmed cases and 3,237 deaths. So far, 167 countries have been affected by the novel coronavirus.

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