Dixie Brands To Change Name; Says Stands Firmly Against Racism

Dixie Brands Inc., a Denver-based manufacturer of cannabis-infused products, said it has decided to change its name, adding that it hoped the change is a small step forward for a "more just and equal world."

Dixie Brands said that the national conversation about the racism and injustice has focused its attention to the pain the 'Dixie' name can cause due to the historical name of the word.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Black community and we stand firmly against racism and injustice. To stay true to these values, we have decided to change our name," Dixie Brands said on its website.

Dixie Chicks, an American country pop band, recently changed its name to 'The Chicks'. The band's name change followed criticism that the word 'Dixie' had connotations of American slavery.

Dixie is a word connected to the South and is considered as the land south of the Mason-Dixon line, where slavery was legal in the early nineteenth century. It is a nickname for the southern United States, especially the states that composed the Confederate States of America. However, the origin of the nickname remains obscure.

Dixie Brands said it will listen carefully to its community, customers and employees as it makes the name change, and plans to implement it as soon as possible.

The company is a multi-state cannabis operator in California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Nevada, and is set to expand internationally, including Canada and Latin America.

Dixie Brands' product portfolio features over 100 products across more than 15 different product categories, representing edibles, beverages, tinctures, topicals and extractions, as well as CBD-infused wellness products and pet supplements.

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