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10cc's Kevin Godley To Release Very First Solo Album

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Former 10cc and Godley And Creme member Kevin Godley is set to release Muscle Memory, his first ever solo album, on December 17, 2020.

However, he will keep sharing tracks from the album, unveiling one every two weeks, until the release date in December.

Godley began the Muscle Memory project by posting an invitation on the PledgeMusic site in 2017, stating, "Write and record with me." He received 286 instrumentals, and chose 11 out of these for the final tracklisting.

After PledgeMusic went bankrupt, The state51 Conspiracy contacted Godley and funded the project, paving the way for those who had paid to listen to the record they were helping to make.

"The album marks Kevin's first time fronting a project," says a statement. "His lyricism is cutting, political and provides a mood similar to film dialogue over classic pop lyricism. Gun control, societal unrest, racism and questions regarding political correctness make for some of the most striking lyrical content likely heard on an alternative pop record. This is a dark record from someone not known for dark themes."

Kevin Godley: Muscle Memory (with single release dates)

1. "Expecting A Message" : 16/07/2020
2. "The Ghosts Of The Living" : 30/07/2020
3. "Hit The Street" : 13/08/2020
4. "The Bang Bang Theory" : 27/08/2020
5. "Minutes Alone" : 10/09/2020
6. "Cut To The Cat" : 24/09/2020
7. "One Day" : 08/10/2020
8. "All Bones Are White" : 22/10/2020
9. "Periscope" : 5/11/2020
10. "Song Of Hate" : 19/11/2020
11. "Bulletholes In The Sky" : 03/12/2020

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