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John Legend Accuses Trump Of Waging 'War On America's Neighborhoods'

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John Legend has accused President Donald Trump of wanting to "wage war on America's neighborhoods," referring to a new operation that sent federal troops to American cities to protect federal properties from rioters.

On Wednesday, July 22, Legend tweeted, "I wasn't briefed on #OperationLegend. Dare I look this up or should I carry on thinking the president is starting some sorta stan campaign for me."

Operation Legend is a federal operation in the U.S. initiated by the Trump administration. It is named after LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old child who was shot and killed in Kansas City, Missouri, in June 2020. The operation was implemented to control the George Floyd protests.

"373 homicides in Chicago in 2020 as of early July. Over 4,000 COVID 19 deaths. All of these deaths matter, and every life is precious," Legend wrote in a follow-up tweet. "But it's clear Trump has no interest in healing people / saving lives. Just in waging war to look tough for reelection. Usually the Wag the Dog scenario is to go to other countries to start a war when your polls are in the tank.
Nope. Trump just wants to wage war on America's neighborhoods."

"In the middle of a once in a century pandemic where the US has far more deaths than any other country and unemployment is sky high, POTUS decides the states are just fine dealing with the pandemic, but need the feds policing black neighborhoods," he added.

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