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After A Lull, Uptick In New COVID Cases And Deaths In US

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After a brief lull, the daily COVID deaths and infections began to show an uptick in the United States.

After the number of new coronavirus cases in the country remaining under 50000 for four consecutive days, 53,803 additional infections were reported in the last 24 hours, taking the national total to 4771519.

Still, this is a better situation when compared to last week, when there were an average of 58,801 cases per day.

Also, there is a decrease of more than 10 percent from the average number of new infections being reported daily two weeks earlier.

But according to a New York Times database, case numbers are surging throughout most of the states, mainly in Nebraska, Maryland, Puerto Rico, Illinois, U.S. Virgin Islands, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii and Massachusetts.

However, President Donald Trump is depicting a different picture regarding the COVID situation in the country.

"Cases are declining in 70 percent of the jurisdictions, compared to 36 percent last Monday", according to him.

"Eleven out of thirteen states with the positive rate above 10 percent have seen a decline in daily cases since mid-July," he said at a White House news conference Tuesday.

Trump claimed vast improvements in recovery rates across all age groups. "Compared to April, mortality rates are 85 percent lower among individuals aged 18 to 69, and 70 percent lower among individuals over 70 years old," he told reporters.

Daily death toll returned to alarming 1000-plus rate Tuesday. With 1,359 new deaths reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of people who died of the viral disease in the U.S. increased to 156830, as per Johns Hopkins University's latest data released on Wednesday.

Following is the state-wise infection and casualty data of the worst-affected regions as per Johns Hopkins University's latest data.

New York (32725 deaths, 417589 infections), New Jersey (15857 deaths, 182970 infections), Michigan (6471 deaths, 93175 infections), Massachusetts (8657 deaths, 119203 infections), Louisiana (4051 deaths, 124461 infections), Illinois (7742 deaths, 185993 infections), Pennsylvania (7248 deaths, 119724 infections), California (9707 deaths, 526968 infections), Connecticut (4437 deaths, 50110 infections), Texas (7271 deaths, 466032 infections), Georgia (3921 deaths, 197948 infections), Virginia (2244 deaths, 94251 infections), Maryland (3530 deaths, 91854 infections), Florida (7402 deaths, 497330 infections), Indiana (2996 deaths, 69255 infections), Ohio (3570 deaths, 95106 infections), Colorado (1849 deaths, 48376 infections), Minnesota (1660 deaths, 57162 infections), Arizona (3845 deaths, 180505 infections) Washington (1619 deaths, 59379 infections), North Carolina (2061 deaths, 128715 infections), Mississippi (1753 deaths, 62199 infections), Tennessee (1117 deaths, 112441 infections), Alabama (1666 deaths and 93702 infections) South Carolina (1847 deaths, 94190 infections), Rhode Island (1011 deaths, 19390 infections) and Missouri (1290 deaths, 54422 infections).

Meanwhile, global coronavirus death toll crossed 700,000. The United States remains the worst affected country, followed by Brazil and India.

More than 11 million people have recovered from the deadly disease so far.

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