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Starbucks To Launch Oatmilk In All US Stores This Spring

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Coffee retail giant Starbucks announced the launch of oatmilk in all stores across the United States this Spring 2021, as part of its environment friendly menus.

This follows a successful regional rollout across the U.S. this year. The dairy-free drink is made by soaking oats in water.

The new offering will join the company's existing non-dairy options, as well as plant-based options including soymilk, almondmilk and coconutmilk.

The company intends to innovate with non-dairy options after reporting that its cold beverage platform has grown by nearly 45 percent over the past four years.

Starbucks began offering non-dairy milk to customers in the U.S. in 1997 when it added soymilk to menus. Coconutmilk was added in 2015 and almondmilk in 2016.

Reports say that the demand for oat milk increased in late 2016 when Swedish oat milk maker Oatly entered the U.S. and targeted coffee shops.

Starbucks started serving oat milk in Europe in 2018. In January this year, Starbucks said it would serve oat milk honey latte in about 1,300 Starbucks cafes in selected seven states.

In April, Starbucks launched oatmilk to the core beverage menu in all stores across China with Oatly, allowing customers to customize their beverages with oatmilk.

Starbucks in September added new plant-based food and beverage options, including oatmilk, in select markets across the Asia-Pacific.

Further, the company now announced deeper investments in eco-friendly operations, and regenerative agricultural practices.

The company is partnering with the U.S. dairy industry to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions improvements in water quality on farms.

Starbucks also announced a $50 million Investment in The Global Farmer Fund, aiming to fund coffee farmers to strengthen their farms and farming practices.

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