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EProvenance Partners IBM To Develop Blockchain-powered Wine Tracking Solution

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Wine monitoring firm eProvenance has partnered IBM to launch a blockchain-powered platform that will enable wine lovers to track their favorite wine from its origins in the vineyard all through the supply chain to the store shelf.

The VinAssure platform is built on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply and will run on IBM Cloud, with all stakeholders such as wine producers, négociants, importers, transporters, distributors, restaurants, retailers, able to track the wine supply chain through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of data.

eProvenance temperature monitoring services and the eProvenance Score are an integral part of VinAssure, providing critical data on the quality of wine shipments from origin to end consumer.

Using existing identifiers, such as a QR code on the bottle, consumers can learn about the wine's provenance and flavor profiles, or if it meets certification standards for organic, biodynamic or sustainability practices. It will also offer data on temperature-controlled transport and storage from the cellar to the customers.

The new platform is designed to facilitate a new wine industry ecosystem that helps increase efficiency, traceability and profitability by making it possible to quickly share product data across the supply chain in a secured manner as wine moves from vineyard to consumer to provide verifiable provenance.

The first member or customer of VinAssure is U.S. importer De Maison Selections. Other wine industry members intending to join VinAssure include Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Export Division, and Maison Sichel.

As VinAssure membership grows, supply chain members and consumers will be able to access information spanning from the vineyard through transport and delivery, which is validated and stored on the blockchain.

IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply is an offering from IBM that enables organizations to rapidly build out their own sustainable blockchain-based ecosystem for improved supply chain operations to create a permanent record of the history and lifecycle of physical and digital assets.

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