Cannabis Farmers Making Use Of Modern Technology To Cut Costs, Improve Outputs

Cannabis farmers all over the United States are making use of modern technology to bring down their water and energy use, thus lowering their labor costs and in the process, improving their yield and productivity.

Some of the ways in which modern technology has been helpful for cannabis farmers are the following: 1) sensors, which help control irrigation and get the correct lighting. 2) systems, which can remotely control factors of a grow-room environment like temperature and humidity. 3) latest LED bulbs and smartphone-controlled technology to lower and raise the lighting and finally, 4) A product to control pests without chemical pesticides.

Coming to the first example, nowadays cannabis farmers have different options of sensors, which help a cultivation operation manager to get to know the soil moisture using software, which can be easily seen on a computer or smartphone. So, the cannabis farmer no longer needs to lift a pot to check how much or little water a plant requires.

Many cannabis farmers who opted for the sensor system have seen a drop of around 60 percent of water usage since after installing the sensors. These sensors notify farmers immediately when they sense that some portions of the plants lack adequate water in the substrate.

Cannabis growers are increasingly making use of systems, which collect marijuana data from top to bottom. With the help of this knowledge, they get to know how much light and how much temperature the plant is requiring. With the use of the automated grow system, any sorts of adjustments can be made from any place having internet connection.

Many cannabis farmers are switching to LED lights for their marijuana plants as these lights are known to double the size of the plants and brings about a lot of savings on the energy side. The LED lights do not give out as much heat as the high-pressure sodium bulbs usually farmers use so the system doesn't have to strain to keep the indoor temperatures down.

Cannabis growers are also making use of crop-management technology, which doesn't depend on chemicals to avoid the use of harmful pesticides. In this technology, a natural type of tea with antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-pathogen properties is used so that there is no need to spray on any other foliar or powdery mildew preventative solutions.

The solution also doubles as a cleaner for the entire grow room in place of another solvent such as bleach. All these products are replacing the traditional pesticides with healthier options.

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