FTC To Investigate Faulty McDonald Ice-Cream Machines

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating the matter as to why the ice-cream machines at McDonald's are always in a broken state. The trade commission had already asked McDonald's for an explanation last summer as to why the ice-creams were always faulty.

Many McDonald franchise owners have complained to the company that the machines are quite complicated and break down quite frequently. They also said that fixing the machines, once they are broken proves to be very difficult for them.

According to reports, the ice-cream machines require a nightly automated heat-cleaning cycle, which can take up to four hours to destroy bacteria. The main complaint of the owners is that if the cleaning cycle fails, it makes the machine unstable and it cannot be used till it gets repaired by a technician.

McDonald reportedly took stock of the whole situation and even set up a whole team to solve the issue, but the franchise owners are unhappy, both with the faulty machines as well the many jokes being made about the machines.

"The McDonald's ice cream machine is always broke" is a joke, which is viral on television and social media posts. Many late-night TV hosts, from Jimmy Fallon to Steven Colbert, have made the ice-cream machine the butt of their jokes. Rivals of McDonald like Wendy's and Burger have also cracked jokes about the faulty machines.

The main reason being given for the FTC investigation is to understand how the company works with and reviews suppliers and equipment, including the ice cream machines, and how many times franchise owners are allowed to operate their machines.

Commenting on the inquiry, McDonald issued a statement that it no reason to believe we are the focus of an FTC investigation.

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