Italy To Make It Mandatory For Workers To Have Covid Health Pass

The Italian government is ready to enforce one of the strictest COVID vaccine laws in the world as the country declared on Thursday that if any worker, who fails to produce a "green card", will be suspended on no pay or face hefty fines. The mandate will be enforced from October 15.

The rule is believed to be one of the latest attempts by the Prime Ministers of the country, Mario Draghi, who has faced resistance from right-wing politicians for his pro-vaccine mandates. The rule makes it a must for the entire workforce in the country to get inoculated at the earliest. Those who will not be able to produce proof of vaccination, a negative report, or proof of recent recovery from COVID will be suspended, but the employers won't be allowed to sack the individual.

If ignored, individuals may have to pay 600 euros to 1500 euros in fine. The fine amount for employers will be from 400 euros to 1000 euros. The government has managed to garner support from a large number of employers, who want to reduce the chances of another national level lockdown.

Italy was one of the worst-hit countries in the world during the first wave and has recorded more than 130,000 deaths, second only to Britain in the continent. The country has been able to vaccinate at least 74% with the first dose and 68% of its 60 million population with both doses.

"Nothing like this has been done in Europe ... we are putting ourselves in the forefront internationally," said Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta on the unanimous passing of the bill. He expects the harsh penalties of the bill will increase the rate of vaccination and by the time the bill is enacted, the majority of the country will be jabbed.

The unions have asked the legislators to make testings free for those who don't want to get jabbed so that they can keep working but the cabinet has declined the request. However, the cost of testing is capped at 15 euros for work-related cases.

The Italian health department, Gimbe, has said that almost all of the presently hospitalized cases are unvaccinated, following the trend across the world. According to the reports published by the organization, vaccination reduces death by 96.3%. Patients who require intensive support also reduces more than 95% after vaccination.

Italy had asked the healthcare providers to get vaccinated back in March have suspended more than 700 doctors across the country for non-compliance.

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