SpaceX Schedules Starship Launch In January 2022

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that SpaceX will launch Starship into orbit for the first time in January 2022, but voices his concerns over the chances of success in its first attempt. However, Musk is confident that if it doesn't happen on the first flight, it will eventually get there in 2022 itself.

During a video conference with the members of the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, Musk chalked out his plan of having around 12 launches during the year. "There's a lot of risks associated with this first launch, so I would not say that it is likely to be successful, but we'll make a lot of progress," he said.

Despite concerns over the first flight, it seems that Musk is confident that Starship will be in the orbit in 2022. "I'm not sure we'll get there on the first attempt, but I'm comfortable we'll get there next year," added Musk.

The flight was originally planned to take last year in July but it was later rescheduled to November due to the Federal Aviation Administration's scrutiny of the facility in Boca Chica. Texas. The site is being reviewed for environmental concerns and the FAA is trying to wrap up the investigation before the end of the year but there are speculations that the process might get prolonged into the next year.

In May, SpaceX told the FCC that the target of Starship will be to launch from Texas and land in the Hawian waters after spending 90 minutes in the orbit. Once it becomes successful, the entire launch system will start to cost very little in the future, and according to Musk, launches soon the company will be spending a similar amount on both Starship launches and Falcon-9 launches.

Musk thinks that there have to be thousands of successful spacecraft launch and landings before humanity can start to think about being inter-planetary.

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