Viridis Sues Michigan MRA After $229 Million Marijuana Recall

Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, the cannabis watchdog of the state of Michigan had issued the largest marijuana recall in the history of the state, worth $229 million, last week after claiming the test results of a certain lab to be unreliable and flawed. Now, the labs are suing the regulators calling the recall unnecessary.

The attorney of Viridis Laboratories and Viridis North, the labs in dispute with the state, David Russell said Tuesday, "The recall is the latest and most egregious action by the MRA in a prolonged campaign of harassment aimed at Viridis. Unfortunately, this latest effort by the MRA has caused huge disruption and chaos in the industry, harming small businesses and besmirching Viridis' reputation with no basis in science."

According to the MRA, Viridis labs and Viridis North have produced "inaccurate and/or unreliable results" to the authorities during the span of August 10 and November 16, therefore the agency has issued the recall of all the products sold between those time frames from 400 sales stores, dubbing the products, "potentially harmful."

"There is no public or safety risk justifying the recall at all," another attorney for the company Kevin Blair said in a statement. "The MRA has disregarded industry experts, widely accepted scientific practices, caused disruption through its reckless and arbitrary decision-making, and ultimately put the patients and consumers it is charged with protecting at risk."

The 200-page lawsuit alleges that the MRA has unlawfully shut down the facilities and asked the court to "provide relief." The MRA has not commented on the situation.

According to reports, the MRA has targeted Viridis labs for its hold in the market. Viridis lab is responsible for almost 70% of the tests conducted in the marijuana industry in the state and the lawsuit claims that the MRA is acting vindictively to "'level the playing field' so that all marijuana safety compliance facilities would get an equal share of the cannabis testing market."

Viridis said that due to the severity of the recall and the closure of its facilities it will have to stop operating as it cannot test the products being recalled. A hearing is scheduled for December 1 in a motion to restrain the recall temporarily.

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