New Government To Legalize Marijuana Use In Germany

The Angela Merkel Government in Germany had for many years opposed the legalization of marijuana in the country. Marijuana, along with climate politics, digitalization and a higher minimum wage are of the issues, which Merkel's party had strong views against over the past few years. All that is now going to change with the coming in power of the country's new government, which wants to legalize marijuana.

The new coalition government in Germany has decided to legalize the sale of cannabis, provided it is being sold in licensed shops, which it can tax properly and make sure that it is sold in a legal way to adults only. A review will be conducted after a period of four years, where the law will be revamped so that it adjusts to the new surroundings.

Commenting on the decision, Lars F. Lindemann, a regional cadre of the Free Democrats, said, "The legalization of cannabis, long blocked by the Union, allows us to have a regulated and taxed dispensary, controllable quality and effective youth protection through education."

The legalization of marijuana will bring in lot of business for legal cannabis growers and dealers to the country.

While the Greens have campaigned for clear rules on cannabis use and the Free Democrats have argued legalization could bring money for the state, the outgoing conservative government believes that legalization of cannabis is dangerous.

A survey done by the new government found that only 30 percent of respondents thought that the drug should be legalized for recreational use. Around 59 percent believed that the drug should only be used as a medicinal product recommended by a doctor.

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