Pearls Of Australia To Provide Blochchain-powered Provenance For Pearls

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Pearls of Australia is partnering digital provenance company Everledger and Provenance Proof AG to provide blochchain-powered provenance for the pearls they produce using the Provenance Proof platform, a joint initiative established by Provenance Proof and Everledger.

Pearls of Australia is renowned for their saltwater pearls, sourced from pristine Australian locations and the unique way they produce and bring them to market.

Customers are increasingly aware of the visible attributes of pearls such as size, shape, colour, lustre and surface. However, invisible attributes are now emerging as highly valuable to consumers.

These include transparency around the source of origin, details of the journey from the pearl oyster at the farm, right through to market, the disclosure of any treatment or enhancement, the sustainability and ethical practices of everyone involved, and the opportunity to transfer ownership for generations to come.

The company has begun a pilot program with a selection of premium and unique pearls capturing details of visible and invisible pearl attributes using the Provenance Proof digital platform.

This platform records information using blockchain technology, so that both jewellery retailers and end consumers have a permanent and immutable digital record of the unique data and events, supported by a Statement of Provenance.

This unique data, made accessible from a mobile phone or a computer, opens the door to new sources of value to those who purchase these exquisite gems.

These digital records are proving valuable to customers in many new ways, whether as a unique gift, purchasing for peace of mind, insurance or estate planning.

Apart from providing the provenance and traceability of the pearls, Everledger said it aims to 'layer in' the "environmental, social and governance sustainability development goals and greenhouse gas emissions calculations."

The pearls and jewellery that are included in the Provenance Proof pilot can be purchased at Pearls of Australia boutiques at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and Broome in Western Australia, Broken Bay Pearl Farm on the Central Coast, New South Wales and online at www.pearlsofaustralia.com.au. They will also be made available through selected retailer partners.

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