Correct Glucose Levels Lower Cancer Risk In Obese, Diabetic Patients, Reveals Study

A study conducted by the University of Gothenburg has revealed that the correct amount of glucose levels is necessary for reducing the cancer risk in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss on a large scale does offer protection against cancer but if the glucose levels are under proper control, the number of cancer cases also comes down drastically.

Among obese patients, the cancer risk comes down when they go in for major weight loss. The chances of contracting cancer also come down if there is proper glucose control in patients with both body weight and type 2 diabetes.

The study was conducted on a group of people with type 2 diabetes who underwent weight loss surgery and was compared to another group with the same clinical characteristics, but who had not undergone surgery. The study revealed that only 17 percent of the people in the surgery group developed cancer, while in the corresponding group, the figure was 24 percent. Overall, the risk of developing cancer was 37 percent lower in the group that underwent surgery.

The biggest difference was noted when cancer cases was studied in the patients who had normal glucose control and no relapse of diabetes over the past ten years. Among these patients, cancer was reported only in 12 percent as against 22 percent in the group whose diabetes resurfaced. Thus, the incidence of cancer was only 12 out of 102 (12 percent), against 75 out of 335 (22 percent) in the group whose diabetes had recurred in the same period.

Thus, the study is clear that there is an almost 60 percent reduction in cancer in people who have controlled their glucose levels over the years.

Commenting on the study findings, Kajsa Sjöholm, Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, and the study's first author, said, "What we see is that, among patients with type 2 diabetes, many cancer cases are preventable. These results are an important contribution that enhances our understanding of the connection between glucose control and cancer prevention."

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