Jennifer Scalici Wins The Mayer Mitchell Award 2021 Gynecologic Oncologist

Jennifer M. Scalici was awarded the 2021 Mayer Mitchell Award for Excellence in Cancer Research on Friday for her research on ovarian cancer carcinogenesis and chemo-prevention.

Scalici, chief of gynecologic oncology service at the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute and a professor of gynecologic oncology at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine directs the gynecologic oncology research team at the MCI.

Scalici will get $10,000 as a reward for her work on her subject. She joined MCI back in 2012 and apart from her research in gynecological cancer, she has also worked on active DNA damage and repair mechanisms, and metabolic changes that take place in patients with gynecologic cancers.

She has been able to develop a novel compound to reduce the effects of ovarian cancer. The research was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. She also got a $450,000 award from the government for her research. Scalici has collaborated with Auburn University and the University of Virginia in her continued examination of the compound.

Apart from her research, Scalici also has a clinical practice in evidence-based care and finding advanced surgical techniques for malignancies. Scalici was also a part of the clinical trial of fluorescent sentinel lymph node dissection in endometrial cancer.

John V. Marymont, M.D., M.B.A., vice president for medical affairs and dean of the USA College of Medicine, said, "As a physician-scientist, Dr. Scalici fully understands the plight of women who are suffering from GYN cancers. She brings that unique understanding to the research lab, where she and her team continue to lead promising projects."

The award was established by University of South Alabama Trustee Arlene Mitchell, named in honor of her late husband, Mayer Mitchell who was a formative figure for the setting up of MCI.

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