Florida Lawmakers Propose Bill For Better Use Of Medical Marijuana

With Florida's 2022 legislative session in progress, lawmakers have started work to pass a bipartisan medical marijuana bill. As of now, the state of Florida does not permit recreational marijuana and as for using marijuana for medical purposes, people need to have a valid medical reason and they also need to get the marijuana prescribed.

The proposed House Bill 679 is expected to change the state's medical cannabis program, bringing about many technical clarifications.

The bill will reduce costs for people by bringing down the number of doctor visits, allowing patients to keep their registration cards for two years instead of one, and also giving people the option to use telehealth to refill their prescriptions.

Commenting on the proposed bill, Dr. David Berger, Board Certified Pediatrician, said, "It's about access. You know, it's about making things more affordable for people. I think one of the problems that we've had is that some people just can't afford the doctor's appointments and the frequency," said at Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care.

The Bill also regulates the use and sale of delta-8, a marijuana product with less THC.

A legislator said of this section, "It's still legal we're just changing some definitions and making sure the product is safe and tested, and we're also limiting them to the sale of over 21. Right now, there's no age limit so children can buy this stuff."

He said this legislation improves Florida's medical marijuana program in a way that makes things safer and more practical. "This does things like, again, like keeping harmful products out of the hands of children, it's making sure that we clean up advertising statues so we aren't inadvertently advertising medical marijuana products in general to minors," he added.

Some advocates of this bill say the biggest improvement that could come from the legislation is allowing telehealth. Doctors said that this move would be helpful for people and kids with special needs who just can't get in. Telemedicine is expected to help a lot of people requiring marijuana for medical purposes.

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