McDonald's Offers Customers Viral Menu Hacks

McDonald's is finally fulfilling the wishes of its fans by putting some of the most famous menu hacks in its menu. Fans of the fast-food chain can now order menu hacks like using hash browns as a bun, starting January 31 and for a limited time period onwards.

The fast-food company will sell four menu hacks popularized by its biggest fans. This is the first-time ever that McDonald's has sold "hacks" by name, which have become quite famous on social media platforms, such as TikTok.

The items can be ordered via the new "Menu Hacks" section on the McDonald app or in-person by saying the name. Self-assembly will be required for each hack as McDonald's will sell the ingredients separately. The chain said that is "half the fun," but it's also easier and helpful for the restaurant's employees.

The four hacks include: Hash Brown McMuffin - In a breakfast-only exclusive, this order combines a sausage McMuffin and a hash brown for "an extra crunch." Crunchy Double - A 6-piece chicken nuggets order, inserting them into a double cheeseburger. Land, Air and Sea - This sandwich combines a chicken sandwich, a Big Mac and a Filet-o-Fish all on one bun. Surf and Turf - This puts together a double cheeseburger and a Filet-O-Fish and is only available on the app or through delivery.

McDonald's had last year experimented with including famous menu hacks with the egg McMuffin, but didn't do so in the end. Other chains have started to put hacks on their menu, including Dunkin', which once sold an iced coffee created by TikTok star Charli D'Amelio. Starbucks (SBUX) had a limited test last summer that allowed customers to order two custom beverages through Facebook or Instagram. The Cheesecake Factory also sells a "Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad," highly popular in TikTok.

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