McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Returns, But Only Briefly

Fast-food brand McDonald's Corp. (MCD) has announced that it is going to reintroduce its famous Szechuan Sauce in the US. The sauce, despite being extremely popular, has only been introduced three times in the past two and a half decade, justifying the hype.

The sauce, originated in the Szechuan province in China, has a sweet and savoury taste and is heavily based on soy sauce.

The company said that the sauce will be available for a limited period of time till March 31 and the buyers will only be able to get it if they order through the app till stocks last. The sauce will be free with McNugget or five a la carte.

The sauce will be served in golden containers. Four of the containers will have two syllables of the name of the condiment while a fifth variant will have the entire name of the sauce. The brand is looking to get people engaged by asking them to collect all five of the containers.

McDonald's said in a press release on Monday, "Szechuan. Sauce. Is. Coming. Back. In. Just. Ten. Days…i repeat we're dropping Szechuan Sauce nationwide exclusively on the McDonald's Apps next week!!"

The sauce was first introduced back in 1998 when Disney launched its animated film, Mulan. After that, the sauce went on a 20-year-long hiatus before being mentioned in a Rick and Morty cartoon episode in April 2017. The viewers of the show petitioned the company to bring the sauce back which resulted in its reappearance on October 1, 2017. Due to a limited stock, the sauce went off the stock in a matter of minutes eluding the grasp of the majority.

Due to the faux pas, the company again brought back the dip option for a longer period on February 26, 2018.

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