North Carolina To Soon Legalize Medical Marijuana

North Carolina is one of the few American states left, which has not yet legalized marijuana for medical news. That, however, is going to change soon as a bill in the North Carolina Senate, named the NC Compassionate Care Act, will soon make medical marijuana legal for a certain group of people diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

Earlier, the bill was stalled in the Senate in the summer of 2021 and it has not yet come up for voting till now. The bill is supported by two powerful North Carolina Republicans, Senators Bill Rabon (R-Southport) and Michael Lee (R-Wilmington).

The Senate is slated to discuss the bill in 2022, during a short session beginning May 18, following the state-wide primary on May 17.

One of the bill's main sponsors, Senator Wiley Nickel (D-Cary), said that not much is expected until the session starts, but he is optimistic that the bill will be passed.
The Senator added, "This is a bill that is moving in the right direction, with lots of good, important support in a bipartisan manner. And I'm very hopeful that we will pass that bill when we return."

There is widespread support for the medical marijuana bill, across the political spectrum. A poll conducted among the politicians found out that 64 percent of registered Republicans, 75 percent of registered Democrats and 78 percent of unaffiliated voters supported the Bill.

According to the Senators, the Compassionate Care Act would make North Carolina "the most conservative state" of states with laws legalizing medical marijuana" with "a very, very narrowly tailored focus just on folks with chronic conditions, end of life care."

As per the drafted Bill, only people diagnosed by a doctor with a "debilitating medical condition" like cancer, epilepsy, positive HIV or AIDS status, or post-traumatic stress disorder would be eligible for medical marijuana card.

If passed, the bill would also establish an advisory committee, which would report on the effectiveness of the program annually and keep note of the medical marijuana cards and physicians who issue the cards.

The Bill would also establish a program in the University of North Carolina system to undertake research of cannabis as a medical product.

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