Usage Of Medical Marijuana Increases Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Recent studies have shown that people using marijuana for the purpose of finding relief from chronic pain are at a higher risk of getting heart arrhythmias. As per the study, from around 1.6 million people who suffer from chronic pain and have been suggested marijuana are 64 percent likely to suffer heart trouble in the next six months.

As per the research, around 0.9 percent using marijuana get an arrhythmia, compared to 0.5 percent of those who are not on the drug. Researchers also said that medical marijuana alone cannot be blamed for patients to develop heart conditions.

Commenting on the study findings, Robert Page, a professor at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, said, "Just because something is 'natural' doesn't mean it's safe." Page has served as an author on an American Heart Association scientific paper on the risks medical marijuana can create for the heart.

Earlier on, many studies have drawn connections between the consumption of marijuana and higher risk of heart conditions but they were only theories, nothing was proven on a scientific basis. Page comments that the same can be said of this latest survey as well.

One of the major reasons for that is that there has never been concrete data available on the side-effects of consuming marijuana on the health. The drug was illegal for a longer period of time and as per federal law, it is Schedule 1 controlled substance in the U.S., under which it cannot be extensively available for research.

With the passage of time, marijuana is now getting acceptability with it becoming legal in most of the U.S states, whereas 19 states and Washington, D.C., allow adults to use the drug on a recreational basis.

The chemicals present in marijuana affect the entire cardiovascular system like heart rate, blood pressure and the chances of forming blood clots. Legalization of marijuana must not be considered as an indication of safety, said researchers.

People using medical marijuana must stop smoking or vaping marijuana because of all the other chemicals they will be taking inside. Users are also advised to be careful with edible marijuana as well as their negative effects will not be seen immediately but after a certain period of time.

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