FDA Warns Parents Against Giving Mother's Touch Formula To Infants

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has warned parents and caregivers of infants not to buy or give Mother's Touch Formula to the infants, as it has determined that the product is not manufactured in compliance with its infant formula regulations.

The FDA noted that this brand of infant formula is being marketed without pre-market notification to the FDA and has not been properly tested for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria. It also does not meet infant formula nutrient requirements for seven nutrients.

Additionally, the FDA said the nutrient level claims on the product label showed the product to contain nutrient amounts below the minimum levels required for protein, linoleic acid, calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride as well as above the maximum level allowed for iron.

The infant formula product is also not tested to determine if it meets the nutrient requirements for infant formula, the FDA added.

The product is sold at local markets in Kinzers, Loganton, and Gap in the State of Pennsylvania and was available for purchase directly from the Mother's Touch website.

The FDA has warned that the consumption of this formula has the potential to cause nutrient deficiencies or toxicity in infants. In addition, the product was not fully tested for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria such as Cronobacter.

The regulator has advised parents and caregivers of infants who have purchased this product to discontinue use and throw it away. They should also contact their health care provider if they are concerned about the health of their child after having used the product.

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