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googleendstheban sep26 11jun21

Google Revokes Three-year Old Ban On Crypto-related Ads

Google has revoked its three-year ban on cryptocurrency-related ads on its sites under the search giants' new ad services policy. This action will now allow cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets certified by Google to advertise their products and services on Google's network, beginning August 3, 2021.
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pescanova ibm 061521

Nueva Pescanova To Use IBM Blockchain For Traceability Of Seafood Products

Spanish seafood firm Nueva Pescanova teamed up with IBM Blockchain to apply blockchain technology to improve the traceability of its seafood products and help promote consumer trust across their supply chain. Nueva Pescanova specializes in the fishing, farming, processing and marketing of fresh, refrigerated and frozen seafood products.
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Slideshow1 Bitcoin 062016 sm Bitcoin, once dismissed as something reserved for geeks and the cryptography enthusiasts, is back in the limelight, as the price of the cryptocurrency appreciated in recent weeks.

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