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seccryptocurrencie oct23 13may22

SEC Boosts Size Of Enforcement's Crypto Assets And Cyber Unit

The Securities and Exchange Commission has allocated 20 additional positions to the unit responsible for protecting investors in crypto markets and from cyber-related threats. The newly renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit (formerly known as the Cyber Unit) in the Division of Enforcement will grow to 50 dedicated positions.
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chainabuse 151922

TRM Labs Partners Crypto Industry To Launch Scam Reporting Platform

Blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs has teamed up with crypto industry leaders, including financial technology firm Circle, Solana Foundation, The Aave Companies, enterprise-grade public ledger Hedera, Crypto exchange Binance.US, Opensea and Civic, to launch a new multi-chain community-driven scam reporting platform called "Chainabuse."
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metaverse march22 The term "metaverse" has its origins in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash authored by Neal Stephenson, and was coined to blend the words "meta" meaning beyond or transcending and "universe" connoting all of space, time and contents. But the Big Bang explosion of Metaverse into the world's cynosure and thereby to enterprising corporate wallets happened much later.

Slideshow1 Bitcoin 062016 sm Bitcoin, once dismissed as something reserved for geeks and the cryptography enthusiasts, is back in the limelight, as the price of the cryptocurrency appreciated in recent weeks.

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