Global Cord Blood Corporation (CO)

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12/6/2019 7:03:57 AM China's NHC Issues New Policy Allowing The Relevant PHCs To Approve Cord Blood Bank Licenses
12/5/2019 8:32:43 AM Global Cord Blood Shareholders Ratify Re-appointment Of KPMG Huazhen LLP As Independent Auditors
11/26/2019 4:22:22 PM Global Cord Blood Q3 EPS RMB 0.99 Vs. RMB 0.53 Year Ago
11/20/2019 7:02:17 AM Global Cord Blood Still In Process Of Evaluating Implications Of New Regulation On The Cord Blood Banking Industry
11/11/2019 6:31:48 AM Global Cord Blood Corporation Appoints Jack Chow As Independent Non-executive Director
10/16/2019 9:06:17 AM Two Proxy Firms Supports Chinese Committee Proposals To Ensure Protection Of Minority Shareholders Of Global Cord
8/27/2019 4:24:04 PM Global Cord Blood Corp. Q1 EPS RMB 0.89 Vs. RMB 0.61 Year Ago
6/18/2019 4:18:06 PM Global Cord Blood Corp. Q4 EPS RMB 0.74 Vs. RMB 0.25 Year Ago
6/4/2019 8:23:33 AM Global Cord Blood Receives Preliminary Non-Binding Proposal From Cordlife Group
4/1/2019 7:01:56 AM Global Cord Blood Increases Processing Fee By RMB3,000 To RMB9,800
2/25/2019 4:18:48 PM Global Cord Blood Q3 Net Income Attributable To Shareholders RMB 61.4 Mln Or $8.9 Mln
12/6/2018 7:03:43 AM Global Cord Blood Announces Results Of 2018 Annual General Meeting
11/27/2018 4:23:10 PM Global Cord Blood Q2 EPS RMB 0.53 Vs. RMB 0.60 Year Ago