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cryptocurrency aug27 25nov22 Cryptocurrencies edged down on Black Friday, amidst easing Fed fears that lifted risky assets including stocks. Cryptocurrencies remain muted whilst the anxiety over potential contagion from the FTX collapse lingers.

cryptocurrency aug28 24nov22 Strong indications of a likely slowing down in the pace of interest rate hikes, contained in the recently released Fed Minutes helped cryptocurrencies attempt a modest rebound in the past 24 hours.

crypto jan02 22nov22 Crypto market capitalization dropped more than a percent in the past 24 hours amidst market sentiment largely dictated by the cascading effects of the FTX bankruptcy.

sambankmanfried nov17 It took less than ten days after a damning report by a news portal, for FTX - the deep-pocketed big brother of crypto industry, the self-styled lobbyist for crypto industry regulation and the aspiring crypto market leader - to collapse into bankruptcy. Information, analysis and allegations emerging over the days portend a cataclysmic interplay of market risks, credit risks and operational risks.

crypto nov14 18nov22 Cryptocurrencies gained 1.36 percent in the past 24 hours amidst continuing revelations of the cascading effects of the FTX implosion. The unveiling of the actual situation at FTX, the bankruptcy proceedings and the ramifications of the FTX downfall on the wider crypto space continued to dominate headlines.

cryptocurrency sept04 17nov22 Crypto markets extended losses, with market cap falling to $822 billion, from $829 billion a day earlier. Close to three-fourths of the top 100 cryptos are trading in overnight negative territory.

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