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saudiarabia-feb27.jpg As coronavirus continues to spread to more countries, Saudi Arabia banned foreign pilgrims entering the country to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in the Kingdom. The oil rich country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it is suspending entry for people with a tourist visa, if they come from coronavirus-hit countries. It is not clear if the temporary ban on religious p

terrorists-feb27.jpg The Department of Justice created a section dedicated to investigate and litigate the denaturalization of terrorists, war criminals, sex offenders and other fraudsters who illegally obtained naturalization. Under title 8 of the U.S. Code, denaturalization cases require the government to prove that a defendant's naturalization was "illegally procured" or procured by concealment of a material fact

coronavirusinus1-feb27.jpg The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed what is possibly the first community transmission of coronavirus in the United States. CDC said in a statement Wednesday that it confirmed a COVID-19 infection in a person in California who reportedly did not have relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient with the deadly disease. "At this time, the patient's ex

As coronavirus infections and deaths continue to rise on an alarming scale in Iran, the country's health minister has been confirmed to have been infected with the deadly virus. Deputy minister for health Iraj Harirchi, who spoke at a news conference Monday to warn the people of the disease, tested positive for coronavirus the next day, Iran's state media reported. In the nationally televised br

corona-feb26.jpg An American soldier stationed in South Korea has been infected with coronavirus. The unidentified troop is currently living in isolation at an off-base residence after he was tested positive for the virus, United States Forces Korea (USFK) said in a statement. "The patient, a 23-year old male, is currently in self quarantine at his off-base residence. He visited Camp Walker on 24 February and Cam

debtcollection-feb26.jpg The Federal Trade Commission has banned a Buffalo debt collector, who operated a fraudulent scheme, from the debt collection business and from misleading consumers about any financial products. FTC took the punitive action against Robert Heidenreich after he settled claims by the Commission and New York Attorney General that he and the companies he controlled lied to consumers about how much deb

jimmyjohns-feb26.jpg The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned sandwich chain Jimmy John's Franchise, LLC for selling adulterated fresh produce, mainly sprouts, linked to Escherichia coli O103 outbreak. Following the warning, Jimmy John's reportedly removed sprouts from the menu at all of its restaurants. The Food...

coronavirus-feb26.jpg Coronavirus has made its foot mark in Latin America as a Brazilian who had been in Italy was found infected with the deadly disease on his return home. A 61-year-old man from São Paulo was tested positive, local media reported on Tuesday without revealing his identity. COVID-19 is continuing to spread to more countries with Austria, Croatia and Switzerland announcing their first cases. They report

donald-trump3-110718_25feb20.jpg President Donald Trump said Tuesday that markets will crash like never before if he loses the presidential election. Trump, who is on a two-day tour of India, made the remark during his interaction with CEOs of major Indian companies in New Delhi.

whitehouse-feb25.jpg The White House has requested the Congress to approve $2.5 billion in emergency funding to fight the fast-spreading coronavirus in the country. The Trump administration will utilize the fund to develop a vaccine for the deadly disease, therapeutics and stockpiling medical equipment. "Today, the administration is transmitting to Congress a $2.5bn supplemental funding plan to accelerate vaccine dev

coronavirus-feb25.jpg As coronavirus cases continue to rise in more countries, South Korea reported 10th death and nearly 1000 infections from the disease. South Korea has seen a massive rise in COVID-19 infection, with the number jumping from about 30 to 977 within a week. The United States and Taiwan have tightened travel restriction to South Korea, while seven countries imposed entry ban on visitors from that co

Egypt's deposed autocratic President Hosni Mubarak died at the age of 91. Mubarak, who underwent surgery last month, died at a military hospital in capital Cairo Tuesday. Unable to withstand country-wide protests against his three-decade-old rule, Mubarak had stepped down in 2011, and handed over...

trumpmodi-feb24.jpg U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday announced more than $3 billion of defense deals with India for helicopters and other military equipment on his arrival for a two-day tour of the South Asian country. "I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3 billion, in the absolute finest state of the art military helicopters and other equipment to the Indian

berniesasnders-feb24.jpg Senator Bernie Sanders increased his chances of winning the Democratic nomination to fight Donald Trump in the presidential election by cementing a decisive lead over his opponents in the Nevada caucus on Sunday. With nearly 90 percent of precincts reporting, the veteran senator for Vermont clinched a landslide victory with 35,512 popular votes, which is 47.1 percent of the polling, reports said.

ethiopianairlines-march11_21feb20.jpg The coronavirus outbreak in China has affected the global airline industry badly, and is expected to result in major cut in air carriers' revenues and global traffic. As per its initial assessment of the impact of COVID-19, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates a potential 13 percent full-year loss of passenger demand for carriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Considering t

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