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trump3 111418 29may20 President Donald Trump lashed out at China during a highly anticipated press conference on Friday, accusing the communist country of breaking its promises with the U.S. and other nations around the world. Trump harshly criticized China's handling of the coronavirus, claiming Beijing instigated the "global pandemic" by allowing the disease to spread.

trump twitter2 052920 Twitter has flagged and hidden for the first time President Donald Trump's tweet from his profile, saying his remarks referring to protests over the death of an unarmed black man violates rules about glorifying violence.

trump may29 President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that takes away legal protections enjoyed by social media platforms. Trump's move comes a day after he threatened to close down social media platforms after Twitter alerted users to fact-check his "false claim" that Mail-In Ballots will lead to massive corruption and fraud. A statement issued by the White House Thursday said the President is t

Shares of Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SNOA) are up over 200% in Friday's trading, following its partner MicroSafe Group winning regulatory approval for Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitizer for use against SARS-CoV-2 in Australia.

uscoronavirus may29 After a week's lull in the number of people getting infected from coronavirus in the United States, the daily infection rate has climbed back to above 20,000. With 23051 new cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of infections in the country rose to 1,721,926 as of John Hopkins University's 6:00 a.m. ET update Friday.This is 4374 more cases than what was reported in the previous d

ilo 052820 The job opportunities of younger workers will be disproportionately affected for decades due to COVID-19, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) says in its latest report on the impacts of the pandemic on global employment. More than one in six young people have stopped working since the start of the health crisis, while those who remain employed have seen their working hours cut by 23 per ce

uscoronavirus may28 The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has topped the 100,000 mark nearly hundred days after the first COVID-19 infection in the country was reported in Washington. The death toll is around as many Americans who died from Covid-19 as from the accumulated number of US troops killed in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars over decades. In a reverse trend, new coronavir

paho 052720 The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has announced that with more than 2.4 million cases and over 143,000 deaths, the Americas became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. The region now has more daily reported cases of Covid-19 than Europe and the United States, the Director of PAHO said during a media briefing Tuesday. In South America, "we are particularly concerned that the number o

trump twitter 052720 President Donald Trump threatened to close down social media platforms after Twitter alerted users to "fact-check" his tweets. "There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent," Trump tweeted on Tuesday. Disputing the accuracy of the tweet, Twitter put a "fact-check" warning label on it, and posted a link which read "Get the facts about mail-in ba

uscoronavirus may27 The coronavirus infection rate has fallen further in the United States, which is inching towards the 10,000,0 mark in total cases. With 16,700 new cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of infections in the country rose to 1,681,418 as of John Hopkins University' 6:00 a.m. ET update Tuesday. The United States posted a toll of less than 700 new coronavirus deaths for the fourth c

covidvaccination may26 Millions of children are at risk of contracting diseases like diphtheria, measles and polio as life-saving immunization services around the world are disrupted due to COVID 19. This stark warning comes from the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. A Global Vaccine Summit is set to take place on June 4 in London, at which world leaders will come together to help maint

trump may26 President Donald Trump said he is no longer taking anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible Covid-19 treatment. Trump repeatedly touted hydroxychloroquine as effective in the treatment of the deadly disease. In an interview broadcast on Sunday, the President said he completed taking a two-week course of the medicine. Defending his decision to take the drug, Trump told Sinclair Broad

uscoronavirus may26 The coronavirus infection rate in the United States reached its lowest level in a week, and the numbers are going back to the below 20000 daily mark. With 18,586 new cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of infections in the country rose to 1,662,768 as of John Hopkins University' 6:00 a.m. ET update Tuesday. The death rate also is comparatively low in the U.S. With 504 deaths

drug vessel 052220 In a rare operation in the high sees, a guided missile destroyer of the U.S. Navy intercepted a drug vessel in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and seized an estimated 3,000 pounds of cocaine, worth more than $28 million in international market. The USS Pinckney, with an embarked Coast Guard law enforcement team on board, conducted the successful operation on May 14. A patrol aircraft assigned to the

dojcoronavirus may22 An employee in Atlanta has been charged with fraud after falsely telling his Fortune 500 employer that he had tested positive for coronavirus, causing a loss of more than $100,000 to the company. According to the charges, Santwon Antonio Davis submitted to his employer a fake medical excuse letter to prove he was infected with the deadly disease. In concern for its employees and customers, the c

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