Trition Digital Media's Jim Kerr  
Trition Digital Media's J..'s Jeff Yasuda's Jeff Yasuda
VMIX's Mike Glickenhaus  
VMIX's Mike Glickenhaus
Triton Loyalty's Chris Bell  
Triton Loyalty's Chris Be..
BRS Media's George Bundy  
BRS Media's George Bundy
iPad roundtable discussion with (l-r) NPR Digital Media's Kinsey Wilson, Pandora's Doug Sterne, CBS Interactive Music Group's Oli Stephensen, Slipstream Radio's Kurt Hanson, and moderator Sarah McBrid  
iPad roundtable discussio..
RAIN / AccuRadio / Slipstream Radio's Kurt Hanson  
RAIN / AccuRadio / Slipst..
journalist Sarah McBride  
journalist Sarah McBride
  Conversations with Panelist
NPR VP Kinsey Wilson Keynotes RAIN Summit
National Public Radio Sr. Vice President/GM For Digitial Media Kinsey Wilson told the 2010 RAIN Summit West that despite significant changes in print, broadcast and other traditional journalistic media, new systems will eventually provide a greater benefit to society.
Internet Radio: Making It A Real Business
The internet is causing "mass migration" of consumer habits, presenting new challenges and opportunities for traditional radio stations and advertisers. Steve Minisini of Marketron, Patrick Reynolds of Ando Media and Leif Welch of Adify discuss those opportunites in a RAIN Summit West panel moderated by Matt Sunshine of the Center for Sales Strategy.
Internet Radio: The Leap To Mobile
Internet radio experienced a massive move to mobile devices in 2009, including devices such as iPhones, BlackBerries and other portable platforms. Panel members Bill Goldsmith of Radio Paradise, Larry Leung of AirKast and Fred Jacobs of JacAPPS review the emerging opportunities in a RAIN Summit panel discussion moderated by Gregg Lindahl of Cox Radio Interactive.
IPAD APPS: Changes In The Consumption Of Media
CBS Interactive Music Group Vice President/Technology Oli Stephenson reviews the initial applications for webcasting available for the newly released Apple iPad in a discussion moderated by the Wall Street Journal's Sarah McBride.
Research Presentation #1: Bridge Ratings
What is the latest information on internet radio listening trends? How long do listeners spend with Pandora? What is "Pandora Fatigue?" Bridge Ratings CEO Dave Van Slyke presents new data on internet listening, and why listener satisfaction appears to be decreasing over the long haul.
Extending Your Brand Online
As online and mobile broadcasting expands, broadcasters face the critical question of how to extend their specific brand to a changing audience. Jim Kerr of Triton Media moderates a panel on brand extension including BRS Media CEO George Bundy, VMIX CEO Mike Glickenhouse, CEO Jeff Yasuda, Triton Loyalty's Chris Bell and Daniel Anstandig of Listener Driven Radio.
Attracting Local Advertisers
Do national online music services threaten the ability of local stations to attract advertising revenues to their own online audio? BIA/Kelsey's Rick Dudley moderates a panel discussion featuring Presslaff Interactive Revenue's Ruth Presslaff, NextMedia's Brian Foster, GAP Broadcasting and ArtStream Media's Vic Savelli and Clear Channel's Sharon Mussalli.
Keynote #2: RAIN Publisher Kurt Hanson's 8th Annual Internet Radio Overview
Radio is entering a 4th "Golden Age," says RAIN publisher Kurt Hansen. In this session, Hansen discusses radio's recurring need to re-invent itself, this time in the ways it can take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital and internet based radio.
Research Presentation: Radio Futures 2010
How is online radio affecting traditional radio, and how is it affecting listening habits? Are reports of traditional radio's death premature? Vision Critical's Jeff Vidler presents findings of a new research study of music consumers' habits in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.
Beyond The Tower: Extending Your Audio Reach
The value of scaricty for traditional broadcasting is being replaced by the ubiquitous nature of the internet and point-to-point transmissions. Edison Media Research's Tom Webster narrates a panel discussion on growing a successful business using side channels, podcasts and other methods. Panelists include Chicago broadcaster/podcaster Steve Dahl, STREAMTHEWORLD's Daniel Karlsson, WEEI General Manager Tim Murphy and RAIN Publisher Kurt Hanson.
Panel Discussion: Internet Radio Business Models
In this panel moderated by broadcast law attorney David Oxenford of Davis Wright Tremaine, the discussion covers sponsorships, subscriptions, audio spots and other methods of generating revenues and developing profitable business models for online radio. Panelists include Ari Shohat of Digitally Imported, Ben Downs of Bryan Broadcasting, Rusty Hodge of SomaFM and Johnnie Floater of Live365.

CBS Interactive Music Group VP/Technology Oli Stephensen
CBS Interactive Music Gr..
"The Leap to Mobile" pan..
Cox Radio Interactive's Gregg Lindahl moderates
Cox Radio Interactive's ..
Radio Paradise's William Goldsmith
Radio Paradise's William..
JacAPPs president Fred Jacobs
JacAPPs president Fred J..
NPR Digital Media SVP/GM Kinsey Wilson
NPR Digital Media SVP/GM..
SNL Kagan's Robin Flynn moderates
SNL Kagan's Robin Flynn ..
"Improving Online Radio ..
RAIN Summit West 2010
RAIN Summit West 2010
SoundExchange's Kyle Funn delivers a
SoundExchange's Kyle Fun..