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2000 - Garth Brooks Announces Retirement
2000 - Garth Brooks Announces Retirement

Country star Garth Brooks announced his retirement at a press conference held on October 26, 2000. Frustrated by the toll his career had taken on his family (he and his wife Brooks would divorce the following year), Garth said that he was done with recording and touring until his youngest daughter turned 18.

At the press conference, Brooks said he would deliver one more album. This turned out to be 2001's "Scarecrow.”

While he made some charity appearances in the following years, Brooks did stay away from touring. While he couldn’t save his first marriage, his home life did eventually improve: he married fellow country star Trisha Yearwood in 2005.

Last October, a little short of 9 years after he announced his retirement, Brooks revealed that he would return to his musical career. He signed on for a series of shows at the Encore hotel and casino in Las Vegas.