The 10 Worst Countries in the World For Health Care


Sixth on the list of countries with the worst healthcare is Liberia, scoring 0.200 on the WHO health system index for countries. Liberia is a beautiful coastal country in north-west Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to the west, Guinea to the north, and Ivory Coast to the east. About 4 million people populate this country and the average life expectancy is around 57 years. Only 4.7% of the population is over 60 and 43% of the population is 15 or under. Liberia is the only country in Africa colonized by the United States; in fact, the largest medical center in the country is named after John F. Kennedy who supported a USAID grant to help build the center. There’s massive wealth inequality in Liberia. Malaria is a huge problem for the country, and the fledgling system is overwhelmed. Consequently, 43% of children under 5 do not receive any antimalarial treatment. Liberia has a mere 14 doctors per million people.

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