10 CEOs Forced Out By Sex Scandal

10 CEOs Forced Out By Sex Scandal
10 CEOs Forced Out By Sex Scandal

Many high-profile men have been forced out of their jobs, amid a cultural shift where more women are coming forward alleging sexual harassment by their bosses.

The percentage of CEOs getting pushed out for questionable behavior is up in recent years, and sexual misconduct played a prominent part in many of them.

There is a national conversation going on about sexual harassment in the United States, which witnessed campaigns such as #Me Too, a number of protest rallies, and the media exposing predators.

Sex scandals have touched many industries and toppled powerful people, with fingers pointed at none other than the President himself.

In this slide show, we're going to draw a sketch of 10 CEOs who were forced out of their office tainted by such allegations. The New York Times’ October 5 report exposing Harvey Weinstein's predatory behavior over decades was the mother of all. But the Hollywood giant wasn't the first to be publicly accused.