Ten biggest company name changes

Ten biggest company name changes
Ten biggest company name changes

What’s in a name? Well, a lot. A brand name can actually make or even break a company.

One of the major reasons for a company’s name change could be due to a merger or acquisition. When two companies merge, they either adopt one of their old names or adopt an entirely new name.

A company may also change its name as part of a change in its core business, diversification of its activities or due to a change in the corporate branding strategy.

The name of a company may sometimes be changed to make it more consumer-friendly. Other reasons for name change of companies may be to escape a negative reputation or to discard a naïve-sounding brand name.

There are even instances of companies having changed their names as part of publicity stunts to promote their products.

Here is a list of ten major companies that initially started out with entirely different names before they became the international powerhouses they are today.