New Study Throws Light On How Sun Damages Skin

Booming cosmetic industry in the U.S
Booming cosmetic industry in the U.S

Cosmetic industry in the U.S is a multi-billion dollar business. The sun care products market is a steadily growing industry among personal care products owing to the rising awareness among people about the ill-effects of ultraviolet radiation.

People who have to spend most of the day time outdoors are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation exposure. Americans also spend a lot of time in outdoor recreational activities. A surge in the number of skin cancer patients in the U.S proves that more people are out in the sun without proper protection.

A study done by Grand View Research Inc., a market research firm, says the U.S sun care market will reach $2.68 billion by 2025. In 2016, the market size was $1.95 billion.