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'True Blood' Recap: It Hurts Me Too


Well, it's hard to find a family-friendly way to describe the ending of this week's "True Blood." The show lends itself to these kinds of moments - at least part of its appeal is the explicit depiction of vampire/human relations - but for sheer weirdness and over-the-top vampire sexuality, the end of this week's show is particularly hard to relate without the use of four-letter words.

So we'll put that aside for now.

As for the beginning: this week's episode begins bullet-in-flight, with Sookie and her new vampire protector Eric fighting off a werewolf intruder. The bullet in question, aimed by Sookie at the werewolf, is intercepted by Eric, who after a few minutes of fruitless questioning, turns his fangs on the overmatched wolf-man.

The day after this encounter, Sookie meets a new guardian - a friendly werewolf who takes her to a were-bar in Mississippi to find information about the werewolves that captured her vampire fiancé Bill. It leads to a brawl, but Sookie is able to use her mind-reading abilities to find one of the werewolves that took her love.

As to Bill, who has been taken into courteous custody by the Vampire King of Mississippi, he ended last week's show by setting fire to one of his host's other guests - Lorena, the vampire that created him. The burning does little permanent damage (except to an old tapestry), but we get some flashbacks to Bill's early vampire life.

In 1868, he goes to his see his son, who has died of small pox and meets the woman who was his wife when he was a human. Lorena forces him to give up hope of being with a human, telling him as he buries his son, "the only way to show your love for a human is to stay away."

Haunted by dreams of this encounter, Bill announces that he will now work for the King of Mississippi, moving from Louisiana to protect Sookie. Lorena confronts him about Sookie, reminding him that he can never be with a human.

Holding off on that ending a little longer...

Another body turns up in Bon Temps - headless and drained of blood. Into the third season now of violent death and dismemberment, Sheriff Bud Dearborne quits at the scene.

While one officer leaves the force, another might be on the way: Sookie's rudderless brother Jason, still hallucinating that he sees bullet wounds in everyone's forehead after a misunderstanding led him to shoot someone at the end of last season, has decided that he wants to be a cop. However, after going zero for 22 on a practice exam and suffering an anxiety dream about taking the entrance test (he finds himself pants-less in the testing room), Jason burns his application to the police force.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, Tara shares a transcendent bedroom experience with a mysterious vampire that helped her beat up some rednecks at the end of last week's show. That encounter ends somewhat uncomfortably - Tara doesn't want to give the vamp her name - but later in the show, she does make up with Sookie, who pays for the funeral of Tara's murdered boyfriend Eggs.

Meanwhile, Tara's new beau keeps himself busy elsewhere in Bon Temps. He appears on the doorstep of newly-minted vampire Jessica. He presents her with the head of a pesky corpse that had been bothering her - she had accidentally killed him while feeding at the end of last season, but the body disappeared last week. In return for disposing of that problem, Jessica tells the mysterious vampire all about Bill, and about the other residents of Bon Temps.

Shape-shifting bar owner Sam is having trouble with his new-found family. They surprise him at his bar, Merlotte's, but have to leave somewhat abruptly after his underaged brother begins to drink and his already-drunk dad gets verbally abusive.

Now to that ending. Confronted by Lorena, Bill grows angry and throws her on the bed. She taunts him, invites him, then he, well, and then he turns her head all the way around so that her spine is broken, and he continues to, well, and she is spitting blood out of her mouth while her head faces behind her off the bed and he continues to, well, and she says, "oh William, I still love you." Then he screams and pulls at his hair. Cut to credits, and we'll pick it up, bullet-in-flight as it were, next week.

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