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Set 3 Random Words To Make Tough To Crack Password


A U.K. cyber security survey that exposes gaps in online security revealed the most hacked passwords in the world.

"123456" was the internet's most vulnerable password, with 23.2 million accounts using the easy-to-crack code.

The National Cyber Security Centre's first UK Cyber Survey, published alongside a global password risk list, urges internet users to set 3 random but memorable words as passwords so that they will be difficult to break.

Britons were urged to apply steps to stay safe online after results of the UK Cyber Survey exposed exploitable gaps in their personal security knowledge.

The NCSC has also published separate analysis of the 100,000 most commonly re-occurring passwords that have been accessed by third parties in global cyber breaches.

The NCSC analyzed public databases of breached accounts to see which words, phrases and strings people used.

The results show a huge number of regularly used passwords were breached to access sensitive information.

The second-most popular password, 123456789, was not much harder to crack, so also others in the top five: "qwerty", "password" and 1111111.

The most common name used in passwords was Ashley, followed by Michael, Daniel, Jessica and Charlie.

In the category of "bands," the most breached password was the name of the popular '90s pop-punk music group, Blink-182.

The study shows that 285,706 accounts using the password "blink182" were compromised.

The findings, released ahead of the NCSC's CYBERUK 2019 conference in Glasgow, will inform government policy and the guidance offered to organizations and the public.

2,500 cyber security experts will attend the two-day summit that began on Wednesday.

Experts from Five Eyes intelligence agencies (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and UK) will discuss ways to boost global cyber attack resilience.

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