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'This Is 40' Trailer Picks Up Where 'Knocked Up' Left Off


"This is 40," Sept. 21st (Universal):

Getting old has been the subject of many comedies over the years, and now we add "This is 40" to the group.

Written and directed by Judd Apatow, the man behind "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up," "This is 40" takes us into the life of a woman (Leslie Mann) going through a mid-life crisis set off by a recent birthday.

No longer able to lie about her age, Mann plays a woman who decides that it's time to do some of the things she set out to do, making it sort of like "The Bucket List," only with people 30 years younger.

Also along for the ride for this "Knocked Up" spin-off is Paul Rudd, who plays Mann's plucky but clueless husband brought into a crisis of his own.

With a hard R-rating, "This is 40" doesn't seem like it will be bashful about plunging into the bag of dirty jokes and bodily humor, two things featured heavily "Knocked Up" and once again in the trailer here.

But even though shock value jokes can get a little old, some of Apatow's recent films have shown that R-rated gags don't have to be completely witless, something that he'll hopefully bring to "This is 40" as well.

Though it won't have Seth Rogen to provide some of the biggest laughs, Paul Rudd was one of the best parts of "Knocked Up" anyway, helping to make "This is 40" one of the more interesting mainstream comedies set to hit theaters this fall.

The trailer for "This is 40" can be viewed at the movie's official site.

Box office outlook:

Every year a couple R-rated comedies really click with audiences and put up big numbers, and "This is 40" has the potential to be that movie.

Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are both familiar faces in adult comedy these days and writer/director Apatow has guided some of the biggest R-rated hits in the last seven years.

Melissa McCarthy, fresh off of her role in smash hit "Bridesmaids," also won't hurt the marketing effort.

Putting up the $148 million domestic total that "Knocked Up" brought in could be a stretch, but "This is 40" has a real shot to be one of the few R-rated comedies to get to the $100 million plateau this year.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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