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RTTNews widgets can be placed directly on your blog, social network page or any web site by copying and pasting some simple HTML code in a few minutes. These widgets will automatically update with the latest news from RTTNews.com and provide your audience with the most up to date news and information.

RTTNews widgets allow you to view, read and interact with RTTNews content on your social network, blog or web site. RTTNews widgets are a free, quick and simple way to add RTTNews content to your web sites.

Simply select the template that best fits your site’s look and feel and copy the script from the "Embed Code" text box to get the code to embed on your site. The widget height, width, font type, font size and border can also be changed by modifying the parameter values in the script code.
If you have any questions about the scripts, please email us at info [at] rttnews.com
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