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mekinist-april30.jpg Scientists at the Université de Montréal and CHU Sainte-Justine Research Cente are said to have made a discovery, which could be a promising treatment for patients with Noonan Syndrome.

malaria-april24.jpg The world's first malaria vaccine, known as RTS,S, was launched on Tuesday in Malawi, a country in southeast Africa, as part of a pilot program.

gutmicrobiota-april10.jpg The gut-brain connection - i.e., the role of the gut microbiome on the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain - in autism spectrum disorders is a topic that has been garnering attention of late.

thalidomidebabies-aug06.jpg Thalidomide babies or Thalidomide disaster. Do these terms sound familiar? Understanding the mechanism of Thalidomide-induced birth defects has always been of interest to the scientific community. Now, scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have finally found an answer.

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