Radio News Services

RTT’s radio news services are specifically designed for the radio industry. With our content currently being used by more than 600 radio stations, RTTNews Radio is committed to providing you with all the late-breaking business, politics, economics, health, music and entertainment news you need to improve both your digital and on-air offering.

The service provides text, photos, graphics, slideshows and calendars for use on your websites, as well as newscasts for on-air broadcasting.

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and flexible service to enhance your online, on air and mobile needs, RTTNews Radio is the right partner. We work collaboratively to enhance your news offerings and separate you from the competition.

Digital Content

RTTNews provides a wide range of national and global news and information to meet all your digital needs. Our cross-platform license allows you to use all our content across your web, mobile and broadcast mediums at no additional cost. Some of our radio digital content offerings include:

  • Top Political and Business Stories
  • Top Entertainment Stories
  • Health News
  • Technology News
  • Daily Slide Shows - Music History & Celebrity Birthdays
  • Genre Specific Music News
  • TV News
  • Movie News, Reviews and Box Office Results

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