Digital Signage Content Services

Studies have shown that customers who are informed and entertained are more receptive and more easily motivated to purchase. Digital signage has the power to create an emotional connection at the point of sale, which in turn leads to higher revenues.

Successful digital signage must have informative and engaging content in order to grab attention, and must continue to display interesting content throughout the customers’ visit.

RTTNews provides a wide array of fresh, up-to-the-minute content you can add to your playlist inexpensively to enhance your consumer’s experience. RTT provides content on a wide variety of topics, so you can tailor your display to your ideal customer. Choose from categories like national, international, entertainment, politics, business, sports health and technology. Or we can customize content specifically for your customers.

RTT delivers all the content in RSS or XML formats that can be integrated easily to update dynamically in real-time, which reduces the resources required to maintain your digital signage.

Content Channels

  • Weather
  • Business, Politics and Entertainment Videos
  • Business News
  • National & International News
  • Health News
  • Technology News
  • Entertainment News
  • Political News
  • Sports News

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RTT Digital Signage is the right choice for developing your presence in this exciting new technology. We provide the hardware, software, content, hosting and the expertise to put it all together. With RTT, you get one price, one point of contact and one easy-to-use package that allows you to be up and running quickly.